Base Mod0.13.13Basic mod with all the default game data and standard campaign.
Bob's Power0.13.1Adds new power structures.
Bob's Revamp mod0.13.0Technology and Recipe restructuring.
Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates0.13.2Smelt extra ores into plates, and make useful intermediate products.
Clock0.13.0Adds a clock
Bob's Tech0.13.0Adds some useful research.
Bob's Ores0.13.1Adds some useful ores.
Bob's Enemies0.13.1Adds a few harder enemies.
Bob's Logistics mod0.13.9Adds logistic related things.
Bob's Greenhouse mod0.13.2It's a greenhouse, it makes wood.
Bob's Inserters migration mod.0.13.0Instructions: With Logistics mod version 0.13.4 or older installed, install this mod, load the game, then save. Then upgrade the logistics mod to version 0.13.5 to complete the migration and continue as normal. Once you have saved the game with this mod installed, it is save to remove it.
Bob's Research Progress Saver0.13.0A mod to keep track of partially researched technologies.
Bob's Warfare0.13.4Make things for warfare.
Bob's Functions Library mod0.13.1Adds a series of useful functions used by Bob's Mods. These can easilly be used by other mods too.
Bob's Assembling machines0.13.0Adds assembling machines 4, 5 and 6. And other machines too.
Bob's Modules0.13.0Expansion to the Modules system.
Bob's Adjustable Inserters0.13.3Adds hotkeys and a GUI to adjust inserter pickup and drop locations.
Bob's Config mod0.13.1This mod allows you to change the settings of Bob's mods.
Bob's Mining0.13.1Adds some useful mining tools and entities.
Bob's Electronics0.13.1Adds a whole new electronics production chain.